Sunday, 7 May 2017

Why to Choose EWDC for eCommerce Mobile App Solutions?

Shopping has definitely gone mobile as more than 80% of the sales are coming from mobile devices. Hence, it has become mandatory for an eCommerce store to have synchronized mobile app to target mobile-first or mobile-only customers.

Also, it is not possible to create mobile apps for eCommerce website for free. May be you can integrate your Magento store with ready-built mobile apps that works in-sync with your store. 

EWDC offers low-budget Android & iOS mobile apps that can be easily integrated onto your Magento 2 store.

Our mCommerce apps comes handy with advanced features including push notifications, bar code, QR code readers, location based services, deals and discounts, reviews, rating and more.

If you are looking for an mCommerce solution to your eCommerce store, we would recommend EWDC, a leading eCommerce platform & solutions provider. 

EWDC is an ecommerce website development company based out in Chennai who has helped many retailers and small businesses build their effective digital presence through eCommerce website and mobile commerce applications. 

They have ready-built eCommerce mobile app solutions for industry-specific niches including
  • Grocery
  • Fashion
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • and more
They are expert in providing various eCommerce models as below:
  • Single vendor
  • Multi vendor
  • Multi store
  • Android & iOS Mobile apps

Some essential features of EWDC’s mobile app platforms are:
    • Push notifications - to increase instant sales
    • Bar codes and discount coupons - to raise in-store engagement
    • Location based services - to boost offline sales
    • QR codes - to enhance real-time product information
    • SMS notifications - to send alerts on product availability and delivery
    • Email notifications - to promote new products and offers
    • and more.
    Here's a Sneak Peak of EWDC's eCommerce Mobile Apps:

      Why EWDC for eCommerce mobile applications?
      • Push notifications to increase sales
      • Bar codes and coupons to raise in-store engagement
      • Location based services to boost offline sales
      • QR codes to enhance real-time product information
      • and more.

      eCommerce Mobile Applications

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      Tuesday, 3 January 2017

      How to build an online grocery store for your supermarket business?

      Before getting started to build your online grocery website, there are a few things you need to concentrate on in order to create an outstanding crowd-pulling website.

      Do you know?

      1/4th of consumers globally started ordering groceries online for home delivery via online shopping websites.

      With the ecommerce race fast moving, retailers are seeing great scope in getting into the  grocery ecommerce website development for building their online grocery stores that helps not only serve online customers but also extend their store locally to globally. Increase in the number of grocery based mobile apps and shopping apps are facilitating consumers with convenience to simplify their shopping time & effort rather than walking to store-front!

      So, with that news of online shopping taking the crown, let us see how to build online grocery website right from the scratch. What are the pre-requisites to attract more traffic? What technologies are to be integrated to build the platform? Here are they:

      Simple! To start with grocery online selling business, you require a shopping cart system or an eCommerce platform which is the identity of your store that could sell online.

      So you need to build a grocery eCommerce store, but which platform would suit you?

      Before choosing the platform, you have to look at these ample of factors that can drive your eCommerce business profitable.
      • Does the store look beautiful?
      • Is it budget friendly?
      • Is it a one-time investment?
      • Can it be scalable?
      • Is it secure?
      • Does it have ultimate features?
      Although this is not a complete list of factors to consider, these simple queries will help you nail the right grocery eCommerce platform that suite your online grocery website and to be built with today’s high end technology.

      Looking for an expert opinion on choosing the right eCommerce platform? Get a free consultation or request a call back to talk with our consultant today!

      Features required backing your eCommerce Grocery store:

      Online shopping website must have necessary features that can facilitate with administrating, selling, and marketing your website online.

      Design Statement:

      If you need your customer to shop grocery on your website rather than your competitor or any other online kirana store, your website must be unique and stand out from the rest. It is not only the pricing and free shipping that works, before all, you need a compelling online storefront design that gives the first impression to your shop.

      So how to keep up with the design?
      • Minimalist design
      • Clean interface
      • Predictive CTAs at right place
      • Control of editing payment details or shipping address

      Unlimited Products/Catalogues:

      As you know groceries are too many in number and all you require is a platform that can have unlimited number of products stock with variants and attributes to differentiate similar items. You cart must be ready to accommodate any number products as the store grows in sales volume.

      Payment Gateway Integration:

      One important thing to keep an eye on is the payment gateway system. Internet banking, debit/credit card have already been default features in a lot of online shopping websites. Make sure your store is ahead in accepting payments from digital wallets, gift cards, vouchers and more. 

      Admin Dashboard:

      The admin dashboard must have a user-friendly look and it should be backed with features like product listing, store metrics, daily sales report, etc.

      Store Management:

      Another important thing in addition to admin dashboard is to have inventory management, analytics reports, email and newsletter automation, customer management, etc. 

      Review & Rating:

      When it comes to online store, customer always looks for other consumers review before preferring the product for purchase. Stats shows it is about 88% of customer look for review and rating as their personal opinion about the products they look for.

      One Step Checkout:

      One page checkout is the trend and customers started abandoning the carts that asks for long checkout processes to finish the purchase.

      Finally, custom ecommerce development or readymade ecommerce platform? Which one to choose?

      Custom ecommerce website development is time consuming and it will cost you more than you think! So in order to get started with online grocery business, we highly recommend you go with readymade solutions for online grocery website. Since it is a one-time payment model with pre-build ecommerce features, it does not cost you much as you think and is the best way to move forward in having a crowd-pulling grocery ecommerce store.

      grocery ecommerce website development

      Grocery has already become the next big thing in eCommerce! Are you ready to take your business forward? Get in touch with us today.

      Tuesday, 1 November 2016

      How to start with an Online Business to sell Clothing and Accessories?

      In order to start your clothing and accessories business you will have to think about the customer base and overhead costs. Either if it is offline storefront or an online store. If it is an eCommerce clothing store you will have no restrictions that arise from having a traditional local retail store and you will be able to sell from anywhere to anyone in the world.

      But before doing anything, you require a proper market research to develop a realistic plan and a well built ecommerce website. 

      1. Research: Look at the competition, pay attention to categories and sub-categories, choose your consumer base.

      2. Plan: What kind of clothing to sell, what would be the price range, what are the accessories, where to get them, think about the supplies, materials, source, salespeople, and more.

      3. Technology: Since you will be starting out a website, choose a readymade eCommerce website platform that has pre-built features at less cost, instead of going with a website developed from the scratch as it may cost you lots of bucks for starting out.

      4. Law: Know about the sales tax in your locality, what you must be paying for your physical store and get to know about the consumer protection guidelines and business administration to stay relevant with law.

      If you are in need of a low-cost budget friendly readymade ecommerce website with in-built features to drive sales, look at EWDC’s ecommerce website platform which may be suitable to start your online store for clothing and accessories!

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      Monday, 24 October 2016

      How to Setup your first online store?

      If you already have an idea and a killer product to set things up quickly, then here are some suggestions that can be a best fit for start-ups like yours.

      Research, Research, Research: Get to know your competitors, who they are, what are they doing, how are they showcasing their store, how are they marketing, and how are they nailing it to sell online.

      Also read: What to Sell Online? 10 Places to Look for Ecommerce Product Ideas!

      Make a Business Plan: Think through your entire business target market, what you want to accomplish, how are you going to market your products, what technologies do you really require to start, how are you going manufacture or source your products from outside, how will you seek out financing for all the above.

      Decide your eCommerce Platform: How are you to going to take it to sell online? You have several options available out there. Either you choose an online marketplace like eBay or etsy to create storefronts or create your own eCommerce website using readymade platforms like EWDC. Be it grocery, or fashion or electronics, EWDC has everything in-built for niche-specific online stores with exact feature required for start-ups to drive sales.

      Set your Payment Options: Decide what payment options you can accept to receive from your customers like Google Checkout, Paypal, credit card processors, or integrate payment gateway providers like PayUMoney, PayUBiz, CCAvenue and more.

      Make your Shipment Procedure: When you sell products you ought to make sure if the shipment and fulfillment are being done in a proper way, what your delivery cost per order is, do you need a warehouse, do you want to do in-house fulfillment or choose third party shipping providers, etc.

      Know about the Rules affecting eCommerce: you need to be aware of some important rules like data security standards in PCI Compliance Guide, FTC guidelines and more.

      Marketing is Vital: Plan your marketing process set goals to drive conversions. Choose your medium, use various platforms or hire someone to optimize your website and promote it online to attract enough visitors and convert into sales.

      Hope by getting these out of the way upfront, you will be prepared to create a solid, sustainable online store to beat the real world challenges in the competitive marketplace!

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      Thursday, 6 October 2016

      Single Page Ecommerce Website for microStores

      EWDC’s simple one page ecommerce website is single page shopping cart product website for small store owners who wants to sell online and increase their retailing at a low budget investment.

      So what it can offer you?

      Now anyone can sell online from anywhere at anytime with a simple low budget one page ecommerce website!

      One Page Ecommerce Website Highlights:

      • Multipurpose ecommerce microStore to sell less products
      • Built using globally used core PHP technology
      • Ability to add multiple products
      • Multiple promotional banners on header
      • Same page order preview and shipment procedure
      • Simple single page checkout
      • Order tracking feature to notify product status

      Advantages of EWDC’s single page Ecommerce Website:

      • Very affordable for startup and small sized businesses
      • Best for single niche product stores (microStores)
      • Product landing pages for website visitors
      • Optimized single landing page for better performance
      • Best targeting options for advertising campaigns

      Click here to get a free demo of one page ecommerce website!!